Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogging ... one step at a time

Hi nutrition nerds!!

It has been a long, slow battle to balance blogging with school and work.  My job from summer '09 to summer '10 kept me away from the things I wanted, so I thought long and hard before quitting the job, ramping up my school to full-time status, and am now in the swing of things enough to start doing more of what I love.  That includes more nutrition nerding it up and more blogging!

I am working on a few guest blogs right now, as well as some blogs for my own blog site.  I will update my Twitter and Facebook with the latest blogs ... wherever they end up :)

I am also contemplating switching to Wordpress (since I can do it from my phone and update the site without having to wait until I'm home and exhausted).  I'll keep you up-to-date if I do make the switch.

As always - if you have any blog ideas, please let me know.  I'll put a topic request out here very soon.  For now, I've changed my e-mail address to  Contact me there with any requests!

I've missed sharing my thoughts via blog with all of you.  I have a new focus in mind and am excited to go on the next step of my journey with you all.

Nutrition Nerd

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