Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Car free

Something I've always wanted to do is be car free.  Today I found the perfect apartment to let me park my car (not ready to fully give it up yet) and be a 5 minute walk from the metro.  Perfect.

Now I'm one step close to shedding the car altogether and being a happier, healthier me.

After an exhausting day, tonight's post will be short.  I can still feel the adrenaline pumping, but it's time for some chamomille tea and a hot bath. :)

Anyone else trying to be car free?


  1. At 25 years old, I've been car free all my life. And I love it! Living in a major public transit hub like NYC has definitely been helpful in that regard. I know eventually when I settle down I'll probably want to leave the city life behind for the suburbs, but I will definitely be searching for a place close to public transit so I can continue to go car free as much as possible.

  2. Isn't it great?! NYC is one of my favorite cities on the planet. It's so easy to around because public transportation is so accessible! It's much more difficult in LA, but I'm excited for the adventure that it will bring :)

    Thanks so much for your comment!