Monday, January 3, 2011

Eat in Month Challenge 2011

One month without going out to eat, buying Starbucks, purchasing anything from the vending machine or movie concession stand, and cooking and preparing everything for myself.  Although I mostly cook for myself and pride myself in my ability to sneak homemade snacks in to the movie theater ... I didn't realize how much I spent on food outside my house and how often I did it now that I'm back in school.  Once I heard about @thechiclife's Eat in Month 2011 Challenge, I was in!

It's day 3 and since I made homemade green chile stew last Friday I've had plenty of motivation to eat in.  One of my goals for 2011 is to improve my photography.  So I've started a Tumblr to help me do just that.  They're only on my iPhone camera so far (and man are they rough), but I have a new camera ready for using!  It's so fun to combine multiple goals (practicing more of what I preach, and photography) into one bigger goal.  This green chile stew is also meat-free so I can still use it for Meatless Monday, too.  I love multi-tasking!!! :)

Thank you to @thechiclife for today's motivation and inspiration :)

I'm off to my first day of classes for Winter 2011 quarter.  Can't wait to share more info with all you nutrition nerds!

Thanks for reading.  You make my day every time you do :)

The Nutrition Nerd


  1. It was great connecting with you at the Twitter chat last night, so I came to check out your blog. What a great challenge. I find that being in charge of everything that goes into my body makes such a huge difference in how I feel and my wallet. Good luck.

    What classes are you taking this quarter?

  2. Thanks so much!! I think I'm going to compare my food budget this month to last month and see the real financial impact. I know that I'm definitely already eating much better. It's funny how we think we're health conscious and then a little change like this helps bring everything into better focus!! Great refreshing start to 2011 for sure.

    It was great to connect with you on the #RD2Be #twitterparty too! What a great learning tool and sounding board!

    I'm taking Maternal and Child Nutrition, Community Nutrition, and Herbal Nutrition this quarter. Which courses are you taking?

  3. My name is Nitin from Toronto. I am interested in your writing. Some of your posting are good, I can say, best. Can you please tell me how to subscribe to your blog post online?

  4. Hi Nitin! Do you have Gmail? You can use your Gmail sign-in to also sign into to the Blogspot website. If you can't make it work, please e-mail me at and I can help you :)